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What is "Intention"

Forget stereotypical pre-conceptions and fallacies impressed on you by fear and ignorance and really address this question with an open mind as it is not what you have been taught to think.

Intention is Magick, which is clearly defined from the understanding of  "The art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with will". This could be put more simply as making desired change happen; or as "energy tending to change"; a good interpretation is "magick is conscious evolution by directing energy". 

Magick is a skill that needs to be re-learned, trained and practiced heavily if it's to be used well and must never be used for any form of harm bearing in mind “The three fold law" from classic wicca.

In modern days magick can be used for healing purposes and perhaps more frequently for personal purposes like reducing negativity, protection and improving the self, but more importantly can be used to 'program' an intent into a crystal.

Where the practitioner is not so experienced, others can do it for them, and into a crystal is a perfect target.  Nature provides each crystal. We combine them with the correct intent. Our planet and everything on her is alive and has its own “expression.”

When you study and learn the energetic and magical properties of different crystals, you gain the ability to properly combine them for specific results. You learn which crystals work well with one another, which ones amplify on another and which ones don’t like to be near another. Focus, or concentrated intent, is most important in being successful with conjuring magically charged crystals. The more time and energy we put into your programming your crystal, the stronger are its effects. Intent in crystals truly works because of the natural ability of the crystals themselves and the manner in which they are charged.

The form on the right can be used to add the magick 'intent' required into a crystal that you have bought from this site.  

Due to the nature of karmic effect, this effort has to be charged for, so fill in details, and we will send you a price for the intent to be programmed into the crystal before dispatch.